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Take note that recruitment is currently open and is closing on 02.04.2018.

Those who submit after the deadline will be called for the next training session in mid-July.

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Senior Manager – Recruitment

Scribe Synergy


A. About Us

Scribe Synergy is a company established by a team of legal and business professionals driven by a vision to pioneer the providing of accurate and expert transcription services anchored by uncompromising quality. We currently serve legal firms in and around the Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

At present, we employ full time and part-time transcribers. Our transcribers come from various backgrounds. We have retirees which include school teachers and secretaries from legal firms and multi-national corporations. There are also college students, housewives, and many others who prefer to work independently, with flexible working hours.

All our transcribers have undergone training and are skilled and conversant in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

B. What is Transcribing?

Transcribing is the converting of recorded speech from video documents to a typed format on Microsoft Word.

As all Malaysian civil and criminal court proceedings are video recorded, our transcribers listen and view the video recording and type out, in verbatim, what is heard into Microsoft Word.

Our transcribers are fluent in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. They also have good listening and typing skills and are familiar with basic word processing software (Microsoft Word).

C. Recruitment – Training & Working from Home

Before beginning work, our transcribers go through a training process which includes understanding legal language.

On the average, working for 5 hours a day, our transcribers earn between RM3, 000.00 – RM4, 000.00 a month.

Recruitment of transcribers is guided by the following criteria:-

(i)         Must be fluent in both Bahasa Malaysia & English.

(ii)        Good listening and reasonable typing skills.

(iii)       Familiarity with word processing.

(iv)       Able to commit a minimum of 5 working hours a day.

(v)        Must be able to meet deadlines.

(vi)       We do not recruit transcribers who are employed elsewhere.


Training is mandatory and will be carried out at our premises at:-
Aras B1, Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Duta, 50506 Kuala Lumpur

Applicants will be required to attend one (1) assessment session. Thereafter, there will be four (4) training sessions each lasting 2 hours.

Work From Home

Our method of operation is essentially to encourage our transcriber to work from their homes. Part of the training process is empowerment of the individual. Here, the transcriber is trained to work from home, manage their own time, and be able to communicate with the office through the internet.

Please note the following:-

(1) We recruit transcribers from all over the country. For the moment, training will be conducted in KL only.

(2) Training is conducted on weekdays during working hours.

(3) Our training centre is located at the Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur at Jalan Duta.

(4) Must have a laptop and/or a computer with Windows 10 or the latest Windows 7 or XP. No MAC or Linux.

(5) Details of  the training will be provided to short-listed candidates only.

Training Costs

This training is part of our company’CSR. Applicants will not be charged any fee as all costs will be undertaken by the company.

The recruitment form can be downloaded under D. ‘Application Form’.

D. Assessment & Application Form


1.  Please take note that all applicants are required to take a mandatory assessment before being called for an interview.

2. You will be required to transcribe from two videos which are in English and Bahasa Melayu respectively in order for us to assess your listening, typing, language and computer skills.

3. Please read the instructions below carefully.


1. Download the English & Bahasa Video and corresponding Template from this link VIDEOS

2. Use the respective template for your transcribing. Take note that the first 00:00:15 (Fifteen seconds) has been transcribed as a guide for you to follow.

3. You are to transcribe the entire video in verbatim for your assessment.

4. Email both the completed English and Bahasa Melayu Transcripts together with your Application Form to

5. You may download the Application Form here Application Form . Please only submit the Application Form in Word format and not PDF.

6. Application Forms that are not accompanied with the transcripts and/or are incomplete transcripts will be rejected.

7. We will be assessing your transcripts based on spelling, punctuation and accuracy.